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Residential and Commercial Charlotte, NC Pressure Washing Services 

Residential homeowners, facilities managers, and commercial building owners alike all know the importance of keeping the outside of a structure clean and visually appealing. You will have no reason for worry when your home, office, or any commercial property is approached by people for the first time when you use a commercial exterior property management company like ProServ Unlimited to maintain your residential home or commercial facility. The nationally trusted and experienced team of professional technicians at ProServ Unlimited have now brought our superior pressure washing services to Charlotte NC and we can have your facility looking as good as it did the day it was built or better, guaranteed. You read that right, we now offer professional high-pressure washing and soft pressure washing in the Charlotte NC metropolitan area along with the surrounding cities including Pineville, Belmont, Mt. Holly, Mint Hill, Mooresville, Huntersville, and Harrisburg.

We utilize soft washing for delicate surfaces

With our soft washing service, we use an eco-friendly chemical treatment that is safe on wood, brick, stucco, and other home and building materials that we choose not to use high-pressure washing on. Our Charlotte NC pressure washing service will give the exterior of your building a facelift that will enhance the appearance in addition to getting rid of the harmful mold and mildew that can sometimes breed between brick and wood. 

The grime that grows on the side of your home or business is oftentimes easily overlooked by homeowners and building management which is worrisome considering that most people make their decisions based on their first impression of the property. Our pressure washing service not only sanitizes your structure but also makes it look brand new by getting rid of all the dirt that has formed over a period of time. Soft pressure washing and the chemical treatment that is used along with it are gentle on exterior surfaces. It helps preserve paint by helping it last longer too. The pressure of the wash will not make the paint color fade, nor will the material crack or peel since it is below 500psi. Bottom line, the value of your residential home or commercial business can be greatly increased when you let ProServ Unlimited maintain the exterior of your property.

A Truly Hassle-Free Process

ProServ Unlimited has a customer satisfaction rating of #1 in the Charlotte NC metropolitan area, and in the other areas that we serve. We work with individuals, organizations, and businesses to give clients an exterior experience that is like nowhere else on the East Coast. A soft pressure washing technique is used if the property deems it necessary. We use North Star commercial pressure washer trailers that can put out eight gallons of water per minute. This means that the pressure washing task can be done in an expedient amount of time. We also have multiple boom lifts - along with certified and insured staff to maneuver them - for multi-story office buildings and apartments. We want to save you money, so we don't waste time or money on crappy equipment or cheap labor. At ProServ Unlimited you can trust that our trained technicians will only be using brand new top-of-the-line equipment to work on your property. Additionally, will give you a hassle-free quote on any job that is requested over the phone no matter how big or small the structure may be. 

Pressure washing your home in Charlotte NC can help preserve the value of your property by keeping the structure clean, and free from any deteriorating factors. It is also a good way to prepare a home or office for re-painting without scraping the surface, or re-sale by making it showroom attractive. A clean surface will allow new paint to glide on more smoothly, and the finished home or structure will look better than ever. Weather conditions can wreak havoc on a property over time, and our pressure washing service can eliminate unsightly weather-worn damage. Our certified pressure washing technicians are well-trained in techniques that are manufacturer recommended, and we use safety equipment that is OSHA approved.

Pressure washing concrete stairs in Charlotte, North Carolina

A Cleaner Home Leads To A Happier You

Think about it, more often than not the appearance of your home or business structure can affect the way you feel about the property without you even consciously thinking about it. Older homes can make the occupants feel old as well. Renewing the exterior of your home can bring happiness and a sense of pride for your home that you have not experienced in years. You will feel better because your home looks better. Sprucing up your surroundings will have a positive effect on your state of mind. Pressure washing will not disturb the cement between bricks, or other materials. Charlotte, North Carolina is known as The Queen City, and our pressure washing service contributes to its beautification by helping maintain the appearance of the older period homes and buildings. We give structures a complete makeover.

ProServ Unlimited’s pressure washing in Charlotte NC and surrounding cities should be your choice to pressure clean your residential home, business, office, hospital, and other facilities because we want to save you money while doing the best job possible of cleaning the exterior of your home, or other building structure. We have the latest equipment and technology to do the job right the first time. Plus, we also offer other services like parking lot striping in Charlotte NC as well as asphalt seal coating in Charlotte NC

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want clients to be satisfied with what we do. Delicate areas will receive the soft pressure washing because the pressure is decreased so that the material will not be harmed. Keep property looking new by clearing the dirt with ProServ Unlimited Charlotte NC pressure washing service. Pineville, Harrisburg, Huntersville, Mooresville, Mt. Holly, Mint Hill, Concord, and Belmont residents receive the same friendly, trusted, expert, and timely service when you choose ProServ Unlimited to handle the cleaning of your real estate property. 

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