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Proper parking lot maintenance is a delicate, yet often disregarded art. Many property owners understand the importance of maintaining their buildings. Yet, many also neglect to show the same attention to the parking lot. Parking lot striping is essential to maintaining a healthy traffic flow and preventing accidents from occurring on your property. At Proserv Unlimited, we offer high-quality parking lot sealing and striping in Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City, TN. Here is a look at the process of parking lot striping and why it's necessary to hire a professional to get the job done. 

How to Stripe a Parking Lot in the Johnson City, Tennessee climate area

Parking lot striping is the process of painting lines on asphalt to create parking spaces, driving lanes, and other traffic demarcations. This process is vital to keeping the area orderly and preventing accidents. Parking lot striping isn't complicated, but it does require precision and technical ability. Here are the basic steps for striping a parking lot.

  1. Clean the area: The first step is to prepare the parking lot for striping. This means removing any excess debris and making sure that the asphalt is as clean as possible. If the pavement isn't in good shape, the paint will not be applied properly and it will cause problems down the line.
  2. Take measurements and plan the job: Before you begin applying paint, it's important to know how big the lot is and how many parking spaces you can fit. If you need any other lines to be applied to control traffic, it's important to map them out ahead of time. These lines must be created according to local zoning codes, so it's vital to have a plan in place before you begin.
  3. Apply the Paint: Once you have a plan in place, it's time to get to work. Although it's possible to paint them by hand, a professional striping machine will get the job done much faster and more efficiently.
  4. Let it dry: Once the paint job is done, you need to give it about 24 to 48 hours to dry. This means you should plan on closing your business or doing the work in stages so you can section off a part of the lot while the paint is drying.

Hire a Professional to Stripe Your Parking Lot

Although you can do the work yourself, it's not recommended. Not only do you need the workforce and equipment to handle the job, but you also need the knowledge of local zoning codes to ensure that everything is done correctly. If the lines are applied sloppily and someone gets into an accident, you may be held liable.

Hiring a professional for parking lot striping in Johnson City, Tennessee can save you a lot of time and headaches. A property management professional will not only have the knowledge and technical expertise needed to handle the job, but they will also have the heavy machinery. Line striping machines are not cheap and if you only need to touch up your parking lot every few years, it doesn't make sense to own the equipment yourself. So if you're in search of high-quality parking lot striping Kingsport, TN and beyond, give us a call at Proserv Unlimited.

Why You Should Choose Proserv Unlimited

At Proserv Unlimited, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. No matter what kind of exterior property management services you need, we are here to help. From parking lot striping to window cleaning, we can handle it all. We've been in business for over a decade and in that time, we've been fortunate enough to service customers of all different backgrounds and industries.

We offer best-in-class service and a quality guarantee, so all of our customers walk away satisfied. Plus, we are fully licensed, certified, and insured and own all the necessary equipment to get the job done. So when you need parking lot striping Bristol, Kingsport, or Johnson city, Tennessee, give us a call for a free quote on a parking lot striping job.

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