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Turn To ProServ for Parking Lot Striping Columbia SC

More companies are turning to ProServ Unlimited to improve the appearance of their parking lot striping Columbia SC. The exterior of a business is an important first impression on customers. Freshly painted parking stripes tell the customer you care about your business or office building and, more importantly, care about the visitor. ProServ understands the importance of parking lot striping appearance and provides a complete line of professional services,,, including parking lot striping, sealing, and repair. We welcome all projects, and no project is too large!

Among the property types, our professional teamwork within the Columbia SC area are:

  • Malls
  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Parking garages
  • Banks
  • Colleges and schools
  • Hospitals
  • Parking lot sealing Columbia SC
  • Residential driveways

Why Is Proper Parking Lot Maintenance Important?

Businesses and companies work hard to succeed and provide the best services possible for their clients. But, unfortunately, often one neglected area that has an immediate impact on visitors is the parking lot's condition. An unkept parking lot may send the wrong signals to prospective visitors and clients or even turn them away. Let ProServ show you the best way to stripe and seal parking lots by using the most advanced sealing techniques available for parking lot repair Columbia SC.

Among the reasons parking lot maintenance is essential are:

  • Improved Appearance - The first impression of a company by visitors is often the parking lot's condition. Freshly painted striped lines against a freshly sealed black asphalt parking lot convey care for the visitor. The well-stripped sealed asphalt parking lot will make your business stand out against competitive companies that may have faded and cracked asphalt parking areas.
  • Handicap Access - ProServ experts make sure your parking lot adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act with clearly denoted accessible parking spaces. Our professional services assure you we will meet all state and federal regulations for handicap parking in South Carolina.
  • Parking lot safety - Brightly painted parking stripes on freshly sealed jet black asphalt provide the correct visual messaging for pedestrians and drivers. Well-defined traffic flow arrows direct traffic in an orderly direction, and freshly painted crosswalk lines help to ensure pedestrian safety.
  • Maximize Parking Spaces - Faded or lack of defined striping typically leads to haphazard parking. Visitors may park inefficiently due to a lack of clearly designated parking spaces. Let ProServ Unlimited assist you in determining an efficient parking layout to take advantage of all allowable parking areas.
  • Increase in Property Values - Freshly painted parking lot stripes on cleaned and sealed asphalt help increase your property values. ProServ Unlimited uses an advanced two-step sealing process for properties in the Columbia SC area. Although this advanced sealing process seals the parking lot with a bright, new look, it is quite affordable. Contact one of the ProServ Unlimited sealing experts to find out more information. 

In addition, an expertly maintained  and freshly sealed parking lot is a good investment and will pay long-term dividends. Our state-of-the art asphalt sealing  techniques, including hot rubber patching for more severely damaged areas, will protect your parking lot from future water, sunlight, or wind damage.

Call The Local Parking Lot Striping Experts

The ProServ Unlimited Team in Columbia, SC, is insured, licensed and certified to handle all asphalt parking lot striping and sealing projects. This certification is important so you can rest easy, knowing our repair services are by experts at providing local parking lot repair services. These services include:

ProServ Unlimited realizes the importance of having the parking lot open for the public and promises to work quickly and professionally for parking lot repairs. We even consult weather forecasts to mitigate weather interruptions to ensure there will be adequate time to complete the job.

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