Residential Driveway Sealing in Sevierville TN

Residential and Commercial Sevierville, TN Driveway Sealing Services 

Residents of Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Sevierville have one thing in common, the company they trust when it comes to sealing and repairing their driveways, ProServ Unlimited. Our expert team has years of experience in asphalt sealing in the Gatlinburg, Tennessee area and performing complex repairs. Whether you're looking to protect your existing driveway or if you need to repair the cracks and crumbling asphalt you already see, look no further!

What Causes Driveway Cracks and Potholes?

The Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge areas are no stranger to snow. While pretty to look at, that snow accumulates in piles on paved surfaces in the middle of winter. As it melts during a warm spell above freezing, water seeps into the small microcracks on the surface of the pavement. As soon as it gets cold again, that water freezes and expands, cracking your driveway or parking lot. Throughout the winter, this cycle repeats itself as the temperature continues to dance around 32 degrees. Come summertime, warm temperatures cause pavement to expand even more, causing those cracks to get worse. Eventually, these cracks grow large enough for seeds and soil to accumulate, leading to weeds growing across your driveway.

What Does Driveway Sealing do?

Driveway sealing, especially for the Gatlinburg TN area, helps in two ways. To start, the driveway sealing process provides an extra barrier between water and the asphalt, giving snow and rain less opportunities to seep into cracks. Secondly, asphalt sealing fills in small, hard to see cracks (micro-cracks) that already exist.  As these cracks are filled in, it results as a harder environment for them to grow into bigger problems.

When Is it Time for Driveway Repair ?

As soon as you see a crack in your driveway, call our office to get an estimate for driveway repair. Small cracks will grow into larger ones, eventually causing your entire surface to crumble into gravel which will lead to a much more expensive repair. Don't make the mistake of trying to fix it yourself or hiring a company or handyman with no experience to make this repair.  Oftentimes, the kits you buy at home improvement stores do little more than cosmetically fill in a crack; they don't actually repair the structure of your driveway. That means that within a few months, you'll start to see gaps between the "repair" and the crack. In a lot of cases, this shoddy workmanship actually makes the problem worse.

 What Does Driveway Repair in the Gatlinburg, TN Area Look Like? 

Often, we can repair cracks and reseal a driveway or parking surface and have the area look brand new with no evidence that there was any damage. Our trained professionals are able to do most small jobs in less than a day. If you have a commercial property, we can work with you to develop a repair schedule that can leave part of your surface usable while we repair the other parts. This means virtually no downtime for your customers or employees.

Can My Parking Lot Get Repainted?

Parking lot repainting or restriping can be added on as an additional surface to repairs and repaving, or as a standalone service. We currently offer parking lot restriping services in the Sevierville, Gatlinburg, and Pigeon Forge areas for a variety of commercial businesses, including retail locations, industrial centers, clinics, schools, and religious institutions.

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