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Many think that once asphalt is laid down, nothing more is needed to be done until it deteriorates and needs to be replaced or covered with a new, fresh layer. However, this is just simply not true. The process of seal-coating asphalt, particularly for small parking lots and home driveways, provides a great way to prolong the life of an existing asphalt investment. It helps fill in gaps and voids that can lead to cracking. It also provides a protection barrier against water and the elements that try to wear away an asphalt layer day in, day out (especially in the winter).

Regular Maintenance is the Key

Many facilities and savvy property owners with an asphalt investment incorporate annual sealing into their maintenance schedule to avoid the much larger cost of replacement. Typical time windows for sealing occur around the fall, between the big temperature changes of summer to winter and especially before the wet season begins and subsequently causes the effects of freeze cracking. Remember, when water freezes, it expands, and that has the power to even break up surfaces as hard as granite. Just imagine what it can do to asphalt.

How Asphalt Sealing Works

The process of asphalt sealing is a two-step procedure. First, the existing surface has to be cleaned. Left as-is, the contaminants can be a problem and reduce the efficacy of the sealant from the bottom up. Second, the sealant is applied and left untouched until cured. Once that occurs, general wind, dust, water and exposure are not going to get through the sealant barrier. This keeps the asphalt itself intact and prevents the otherwise normal deconstruction that occurs over time and speeds up the failure of the asphalt layer itself. In serious cases, people see the symptoms in the form of cracking and crumbling and general loss of the road along with potholes that rapidly grow worse.

Aside from protecting the asphalt surface from water and sped-up deterioration, asphalt sealing also provides a uniform look for a driveway or parking lot. It covers up gaps, cracks, discoloration and small holes. The sealant can also keep a driveway from being visually damaged by chemicals or salt, commonly used in the winter in some regions to melt snow buildup. And, as mentioned earlier, the longer an existing asphalt path or parking area can be preserved, the longer it takes before one has to engage in another big investment for a new asphalt surface in the future. Those savings can be useful for other needs in the meantime for your home or business.

On average, the cost of cleaning and sealing asphalt is not expensive either. When compared to complete replacement, the former is something in the range of $1-$5 per square foot, including materials and labor. There is variation, depending on the conditions of a particular project and any obstacles that might be in the way. However, when compared to outright construction costs of paving a new driveway or parking lot, cleaning and sealing is a drop in the bucket in costs.

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When you go outside and see the driveway to your home or the concrete in front of your business is cracking, it can be frustrating. Cracked concrete is unsightly, and it can even be dangerous if the cracks are severe. Because of this, it's vital to get that concrete repaired as quickly as possible so you can go back to being confident and proud of how your home or business front looks. 

The issue for so many people is that they don't understand why driveways crack, and they don't know where to begin when it comes to maintenance on the pavement outside their home or business. 

Cracked driveway repair

What Causes Cracks in a Driveway?

There are a few different things that can cause a crack in a driveway. This starts with the water in concrete. If that water evaporates too quickly, it will leave empty spaces within the concrete itself, making it prone to cracking. Water drying too quickly on pavement can also cause surface cracks to form throughout. 

Heat is another cause of cracking in concrete and pavement, as this causes it to expand. When concrete expands it may push into other objects, leaving it vulnerable to crack. In the reverse, freezing concrete causes movement and cracking too. There is another type of crack called a settling crack, which happens when the ground underneath poured concrete isn't properly packed. The ground eventually settles, and then causes a crack to form as the concrete settles on top of it.

Why is it Important to Repair or Seal Concrete?

Choosing to both repair and seal concrete is important for a variety of reasons. When it comes to pavement or concrete, it's important to make sure to maintain your concrete as well as possible. Cleaning and repairing small cracks is important to extend the life of your concrete. However, when you get a larger crack in your concrete, it's important to fix that immediately. Cracks will weaken the concrete as a whole, and only lead to more cracking. Cracks can also be dangerous if they become too big, or uneven. That's because this can become unsafe to walk on and difficult to drive on. Furthermore, it's just aesthetically unpleasing to have cracked concrete.

Sealing your concrete is an important way to extend the life of your concrete. It protects your concrete from potentially damaging elements, enhances the color of the pavement, and increases both the short and long-term durability of the pavement that has been sealed. 

How Do You Repair or Seal Concrete?

While there are ways to repair and seal concrete at home, it's generally not a good idea to do so. This is work that generally needs to be precise, and depending on things like the type of crack that needs to be filled, can vary in approach. So, let an experienced professional who works with pavement and concrete for a living to come in and repair cracks in your driveway. Just make sure to have them seal the driveway too, to prevent future issues from occurring. If you hire us to repair your concrete driveway, you can rest assured it will be sealed.

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At ProServ Unlimited we have an experienced staff of asphalt repairmen and sealers that know how to get the job done right with any concrete or asphalt repair service. Additionally, we have invested in state of the art equipment that allows us to not only create a better looking asphalt driveway or parking lot, but also one that will last longer. Don’t get caught by surprise with a cracking and crumbling driveway or lot next spring. Seal it now and save yourself a hefty headache! 

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