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The Basics Of Parking Lot Striping

Companies and businesses searching for parking lot striping near me should always learn about the process and the steps necessary to accomplish their parking lot goal before choosing a business to carry out the service. Asphalt repair services are also a service to consider when having your parking lot striped. Furthermore, it's helpful to know what a good parking lot striping job looks like when completed. In this article we will discuss everything you should know as a business owner about parking lot striping including the processes and desired outcome. 

What is Parking Lot Striping?

Parking lot striping is the process of marking parking stalls for vehicles and marking special use areas such as handicap parking. This process is also known as Traffic Marking. 

The goal of parking lot striping companies is to mark areas clearly, so general traffic can see where they can park or where they can't and the flow of traffic or caution areas. Some common uses for parking lot striping include marking the following. 

  • Handicap parking
  • Directional flow of traffic
  • Loading zones
  • Regular parking
  • Exists
  • Fire Lanes

If the job is done correctly, all traffic can visibly tell where they can park or drive in an area such as a parking lot. To determine the parking lot striping cost, you'll need to consult with the contractor or parking lot striping service company to get an estimate. The price depends on a few factors including the lot size, time to complete, and the amount/ type of paint used for the project. 

Products and Machines Used for Striping

There's a wide variety of products and equipment used to stripe or mark areas for traffic. However, one of the most important products used during this process is paint. The paint, of course, is essential, and there are a few different types to choose from for their needs. 

  • Water-based acrylic
  • Solvent-based alkyd resin
  • Solvent-based chlorinated rubber

Although these are the most widely used, there are many others to choose from too. But, by far, the most commonly used pain is water-based acrylic.

Lastly, a parking lot striping machine provides an outline for the paint and ensures everything is applied correctly. Crews also use stencils to ensure words and arrows come out crisp and clean. 

Common Practices

One point to consider with parking lot striping is ADA compliance. So it's important to ensure you have your parking lot lines per those guidelines and are frequently restricted for visibility. 

If you determine it's time to have your parking lot restricted, you'll need to take the following actions. First, you'll need to have the area inspected and arrange for an alternate location for traffic to park. 

You'll also need to have the lot entirely cleaned so the pain bonds ideally. You'll also need to make sure the lot is dry for several hours or a day before the process can begin. 

Once the process begins, it's usually a quick process. First, the company will section off the area to traffic and begin striping using the line stripping machine. 

Paint is applied with the machine to create the outlines. Once those lines are in place, the crew will create any arrows or stencil words and designs. The paint then takes a few hours to dry, and it is ready for use once again. 

Business parking lot striping white lines

What Does a Good Striping Job Look Like? 

A good parking lot striping job will have evenly spaced parking spaces that adhere to regulations and clean and clear lines without over spray or wobbling lines. They will also use bright colors that are vivid and visible to all traffic during the day and at night. Handicap areas will use the appropriate colors to make spaces and no parking zones. Fire lanes will also be clearly marked in red. 

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