Cracked asphalt that need repair

How To Repair an asphalt Driveway

Whether it is curbside appeal you are seeking to regain, or the condition of your driveway has you scrambling to get Google to answer the question, “Where is there asphalt repair near me?'' Before somebody trips and breaks their neck on your disintegrating asphalt driveway, repairing your driveway is probably not for the faint of heart. 

While parking lot repair might prove a bit beyond the ken, small asphalt crack repair might easily be accomplished by the well equipped DIY-er. The devil is in the details though, so let us look at the tools and equipment you will need for your asphalt repair project before detailing the step-by-step you will do to affect an asphalt driveway repair job competently.

Selecting the Right Tools and Materials

Obviously, if you are looking at a major parking lot repair project, you will need some commercial grade equipment, such as an asphalt recycler and hot box for instance, which quite honestly will place the cost of this asphalt repair project outside the budget of all but the most well-equipped DIY-er. 

For our purposes, we will explore the needs of the smaller driveway repair task. To begin, know that when it comes to fixing your asphalt driveway that size does matter.  Generally speaking, you will be looking at fissures that divide into two sizing groups, which also dictates the materials you will want to purchase.

Repairing asphalt cracks that are less than a half an inch in width requires a product known as a “crack filler”, and can be picked up at any home improvement store in convenient cartridges.  Larger fissures however, those bigger than a half an inch, will require you to pick up asphalt cold-patch that is sold in larger quantities by the bag or can. Larger cracks and more serious conditions may require an asphalt driveway replacement rather than repair. 

In those cases you will absolutely want to consider bringing on a professional team to accomplish the job.

It is important to read the directions on these products to ensure optimum application, and you will then want to turn your attention to scheduling your product with an eye towards the weather, which must be considered prior to embarking on any driveway repair task.

Tune into the Weather Channel

Environmentally speaking, you will want to schedule your driveway repair project to coincide with a sunny day that promises no rain for at least 24-hours following completion of your asphalt driveway repair project. 

In terms of prep work, begin by rolling asphalt driveway crack repair rope across a sunny section of the driveway to give it time to warm and soften.  While waiting, take this time to remove any dirt, old failing driveway crack filler, and weeds from the asphalt repair section.

This is a painstaking process that does not allow for shortcuts in order to achieve superior results.  You will need to scrape out this old material with a flathead screwdriver, and then use an air compressor or leaf blower to remove any debris you can’t remove.  If you are looking at hairline cracks, these will need to be widened with an angle grinder for any hope of the driveway repair effort lasting more than a season.   

Doing the Job Correctly

Doing the job correctly means following the proper steps to complete the task, and as mentioned, not taking any shortcuts in the process.  There are eight steps in the process of fixing an asphalt driveway that can be roughly grouped into three categories: preparation, application, and finishing touches.

Preparation— was touched upon briefly above but should be covered again to emphasize the importance of good prep work to the overall success of the project.  Towards that end, weeds should be fully removed from the cracks, and weed killer should be added for good measure.  Finally, clean out the crack with a high-pressure water or air hose before moving to the next phase.

Application—begins by assessing the depth of the crack.  Deeper fissures should first be filled up to a quarter of an inch from the top and then tamped down.  Make sure that the sand fill is packed tight and level before applying patching compound.

 Finishing Touches—include allowing the patching compound to cure, in accordance with the directions on the packaging, and then applying a final sealant to the driveway.

Getting Professional Help for the Job

For small repair jobs and quick touch-ups, the average DIY’r can block out a weekend to accomplish their asphalt crack repair job with reasonable expectations of success.  For those unwilling to put in the time, or the damage is simply too big to contemplate repairing without professional help, looking to commercial grade companies is a viable alternative to sprucing up that tired looking asphalt driveway.  

Before you enter that next search, “driveway repair near me”, call a professional driveway repair company to assess the level of damage and see if you can complete the job yourself or if it would be more beneficial for you to hire a professional like ProServ Unlimited.

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