Hand using window cleaning tool on a window

How To properly clean your windows

Like most people, you probably enjoy having a clean home and you want spectacular curb appeal. Cleaning your home’s windows provides one of the easiest ways to create that curb appeal without a large expense. Window cleaning probably isn’t your top priority and it might not even hit your priority list. You can enhance the natural light in your home though and enjoy  a cleaner, more pest-free environment.

You might think window cleaning is a basic task, but it actually requires a bit of know-how. First, let’s consider the equipment you need. You’ll need at least one step ladder since you have to be able to reach the tops of the windows on the interior and exterior of your home. You also need a squeegee with an adjustable length handle, clean, lint-free rags, cleaning chemicals, drying rags, and a bucket to tote it all.

Window Screens and Storm Windows

Remove your screens and clean them separately. You’ll need to spray them with clean water from your hose to clean off accumulated dirt. Without cleaning these completely, you will not get your windows completely clean because any dirt on the screens will blow onto the glass panes. Use the glass cleaner and a clean rag to buff the screen frames.

Rooms Requiring Extra Cleaning

The kitchen windows often become the dirtiest in the house due to a build-up of grease and steam in the air. Windows near the oven or burners often pick up the most grime. Bathroom windows also get dirty easily from constant steam and cleansing and conditioning products that hit the window when people wash and rinse their hair. You may need grease remover to clean these windows.

Local Environment and Your Windows

You may find that your windows facing the street contribute dirt to your windows. The busier your street, the more likely your windows get dirtier from it. Living on a dirt or gravel road or lane also causes added dirt to accumulate on your windows. Living near a manufacturing plant can also contribute dirt, grime, and dust. You may need stronger cleaners or to use the grease remover on the outside of the panes.

Children, Pets, and High Traffic Areas

Constant hands on your glass, plus noses and paws, can dirty your window panes regularly. You may struggle to keep them clean. Cleaning with a vinegar-based window cleaner can help them keep clean longer. Vinegar can help your windows resist fingerprints temporarily.

Frequency of Cleaning

Your windows will maintain their clean, bright looks best with a once every two-week cleaning. If that made you gasp, you could eek it out to once per month. That might require more free time than you typically have, so you might need cleaning help. Before you search for window cleaners near me, call us for help with residential window cleaning or professional office building window cleaning. Many reasons exist to have us help you clean your home’s windows:

  1. You remain safer. Our professionals climb the ladder. We clean the second-floor windows and the attic dormers, etc.
  2. We’re productive and produce a high-quality clean. Your windows will look great.
  3. You save time because we clean the windows for you.
  4. We remove insect infestations like hornets and wasps that build nests above and around the windows. We use cleaning chemicals that deter insects.
  5. You do not have to buy any tools because we bring our own. We also use protective gear for our own safety.
  6. We work around windows every day, so we can identify window problems and apprise you so you can get the problem repaired before it causes big issues. This can stop small cracks from growing and drafts from causing your electric bills to skyrocket.
  7. We safely handle chemicals, so nothing inappropriate remains on your windows. Many times, cleaning crews have to use hydrochloric acid, also known as muriatic acid, which can be corrosive if not properly handled.
  8. We clean your window for an affordable price. Add up the cost of equipment, cleaning materials, and your time. We cost less.

We can make your office sparkle with our office window cleaning service. While the areas we serve have many window cleaning companies, we offer the best service matched with the best customer service, so when you need window cleaning near me, contact ProServ Unlimited for window cleaning services.

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