Why choose proserv unlimited?

We are the #1 Rated exterior property management company on the east coast for customer satisfaction. At Proserv Unlimited, we work with businesses, organizations, and individual residences alike to bring about a better exterior property management experience. To give you a better idea of what makes us different than the competition here is a short list of our services and how we perform them better: 

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Pressure Washing Services

We use top of the line North Star commercial pressure washing trailers that can dish out 8 gallons per minute (GPM) of water at 3,000 PSI from a 600-gallon tank so needless to say, we have the equipment to handle just about any job. Additionally, we have pressure washing technicians who are trained with proper manufacturer recommended pressure washing techniques. If that isn’t enough we also utilize proper OSHA safety equipment, provide workers compensation for all employees, and have a $2 million dollar insurance policy.

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Soft Washing Services (Low Pressure)

Nowadays, soft washing, which is the low pressure alternative of pressure washing, is used for cleaning most exterior surfaces of your property. It utilizes water pressure of under 500 PSI and different eco-friendly chemical treatments, depending on the surface, to wash away the dirt and grime instead of high pressure water like normal pressure washing does. In turn, soft washing is a less harsh alternative for roof washing, vinyl siding washing, deck washing, fence washing, and many more. Furthermore, we use chemicals that sterilize the surface of your home or business by killing the underlying bacterial cause of algae. To top it all off, every single one of our technicians are properly trained in the correct soft washing techniques for use on any surface. 

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Window Cleaning Services

For all of our commercial and residential window cleaning services, we utilize lightweight carbon fiber DI water fed poles with nylon brush attachments. We know, that sounds like a mouthful, but it’s really pretty simple. The “DI” part about our water fed window cleaning poles stands for deionized water system. Basically, our window cleaning system filters the water in a way that, along with some help from the nylon brushes, leaves your windows streakless and without watermarks. All of our technicians are professionally trained to clean windows from single-story residential homes all the way to multi-story apartment buildings. 

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Seal Coating Services

There’s nothing quite better to drive on than freshly paved asphalt driveways, parking lots, and subdivision roads. On the other hand, there’s not anything good to be said about a driveway, road, or parking lot with endless cracks and potholes. Our professional seal coating services will prevent your concrete and asphalt pathways from falling victim to annoying cracks and potholes. We put state-of-the-art seal coating equipment in the hands of our certified asphalt and concrete technicians to give you (our clients) the best results possible. 

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Driveway Repair Services

It’s no secret that a driveway or parking lot filled with cracks and potholes can dramatically reduce the curb appeal and even the value of your property. No worries though, we have multiple different options to fit into your budget when it comes to concrete driveway crack repair and asphalt driveway pothole fill-ins. Our asphalt and concrete contractors are the best at what they do and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction on every job. 

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Parking Lot Striping Services

If you are a business owner then you know that first impressions are extremely important for the customer. Needless to say, the condition of your parking lot striping is often a huge contributing factor to that key first impression when a customer pulls in to your business. At Proserv Unlimited, we believe your business’s parking lot is incredibly important to maintain for business which is why we have commercial grade parking lot striping equipment and certified parking lot striping professionals so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the end result. Our technicians are also trained to adhere to all state and federal ADA regulations while striping your parking lot.

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